What are the basic skills for Hockey?

Being a professional hockey player means everything to you? Or you couldn’t get over with fantasizing about becoming a passionate and dedicated hockey player one day? Yes, it sounds thrilling and overwhelming. But do remember, before putting your dreams into action, you need to master the necessary essential skill to begin your career in Hockey. After all, nobody becomes successful overnight. So, without wasting any further time, let’s get directly into the key fundamental skills of the game which are listed below:-

basic skills for Hockey
  1. First Touch- The most essential skill you must focus on the agility of the ball. A player must have excellent command over “the first touch.” It means you must focus on moving the ball wherever there is a space. This helps you to anticipate your next prospective move. For example, you may use your hands to receive the ball in front of you or toss it to either right or left. Doing so would create a space between you and the defender. Plus, it enhances your ability to either trap the bouncing ball or receive it.
  2. Leading and Positioning- As the name suggests, this skill helps you to maintain a good position in the field. Understanding how the opponent tackles with the ball and based on that, strategizing your next move enables you to lead the game. This allows you to have extra time with the ball and, therefore, make a wise decision regarding it. Thus the player must focus on attaining a good position on the field to take the lead.
  3. Passing- Passing is another core skill a hockey player must develop. This is because how you pass the ball to your teammate decides the fate of the game. For this, the player ought to work upon different ball passing styles that can be applied on the field. For example, a striker may want to use a one-touch pass, or a defender may wish to work on their fake overheads.
  4. Hit- This is one of the beneficial skills that could help you get a lead in the game. A powerful hit requires different styles and positions of head, foot, and body. For a perfectly hitting the ball, keep in mind your hip rotates, lean your body forward, and your head is down, noticing the ball’s position. This would result in giving a powerful and accurate hit.

Having proficiency in these core skills will definitely help you get a competitive edge in the game. So, one must improve their gaming skills in Hockey by efficiently training themselves with the skills mentioned above.

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