Basic hair care tips | Aloe rid detox shampoo treatment for healthy hair.

When you continuously play hockey or any other games. Your hair and body get wet due to sweat. The toxins get accumulated on the hair can cause hair fall. A good hair follicle detox shampoo like aloe rid detox shampoo can remove toxins from the hair. I use the old style aloe toxin rid shampoo twice in a week.
Use aloe rid detox shampoo and follow the essential hair care tips that i shared below to get healthy, natural-looking hair.

Healthy hair is something everyone wishes for. Here are some general tips on hair care that can help you have a proper hair.

hair tips

Educate yourself with proper hair care books: There are many hair care books available online and recommended by doctors. Try to pick the hair care books that have a good response from the readers, and educate yourself more about hair care.

Limit Heat Usage: If you are a sort of person who uses regular tools like a hairdryer and flat iron, then it is recommended to stop using them. If your profession requires the usage of these tools, then it is suggested to use them in the low heat mode rather than using them with high heat settings. Frequent usage of these tools can damage the hair and result in the dry scalp.

Oil Massages: Try to nourish your hair and relax it with the help of regular oil massages. Oils like coconut oil can help your hair stay healthy and clean from all kinds of pollutants and chemicals. Studies also suggest that coconut oil massage helps in cleaning dandruff from your scalp and result in silky and shiny hair.

Regular Trimming: Studies show that people who do not go for regular hair cut tend to develop split ends. So, it is suggested to go for a haircut every 6 to 8 weeks and get ¼ inch of your hair trimmed.

Gentle Cleanse: Cleaning your hair with organic shampoos is very necessary to keep your hair in a healthy condition. Rinse your hair with cold water and always try to condition your hair. This helps in increasing the volume of your hair and also keeps your scalp well moisturized.

Handle wet hair with care: If you are combing on a wet hair, it is recommended to comb it carefully. Wet hair tends to break easily. So, it is suggested to use a comb with wide teeth to prevent breakage of hair when it is wet.

Wrap the hair when you sleep: Use a satin scarf or silk to wrap your hair when you sleep. The reason for not using cotton pillows is that they dry out the moisture out of your hair and result in dandruff and itchy scalp in the long run.

These are some of the basic hair care tips which everyone needs to follow, to keep their scalp clean and healthy.

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