Powdered Urine kit For Real Human urine simulation Experiment


When you need real urine simulation, you don’t need any other product other than the Testclear powdered urine and room temperature water .No matter what kind of experiment you want to perform with the powdered urine.

Powdered Urine and room temperature water (70F/21C )

It is the only urine simulation product that we recommended. Before you perform your experiment, you need water, ideally at room temperature.

(70F/21C ).If your experiment needs to have urine simulation at body temperature. You need to use the heater to maintain the temperature of the heater. Attach temperature strip to the vial containing liquid, powdered urine.

powdered urine for drug test

Powdered Urine Components (temperature strip,
50-ml plastic medical vial, digital thermometer, and Heaters)

The powdered urine with uric acid is what we recommend for your experiment. You can create 50 ml liquid urine on a 50-ml plastic medical vial. The room temperature water, the heater can help you to reach your liquid urine at the desired room temperature. The temperature strip attaches to the kit can help you to monitor the temperature of the urine. The powdered urine kit includes:

Tips for real human urine simulation experiment with the powdered urine.

The kit also includes the instruction guide with many tips and tricks to help you throughout your urine simulation experiment. We prefer powdered urine over synthetic urine because it smells and behaves like real human urine. Don’t worry; the powdered urine kit comes with a 50ml plastic transportation vial that can hold 50 ml of liquid. The majority of the urine simulation experiment need 50 ml of urine liquid. If your experiment needs more than 50 ml of liquid, then you need to add water. But make sure you don’t add too much water to urine powder because it can dilute your liquid. You can trust a powdered urine kit; all the components, including rainbow temperature strip, air-activated heater, plastic medical vial, plastic transportation vial, digital thermometer, are highly accurate.

Powdered urine With digital thermometer and temperature strip.

The powdered urine kit is reusable and reliable, meaning that you can use it multiple times without any error. Sometimes if your experiment is delayed and your liquid temperature went down, then you need to use the extra air-activated heater that comes with the kit. It would be best if you were very careful with the heater. If you used all your heaters, then you need to purchase an extra heater. The temperature strip provided with the kit has some limitations. It can’t cover the more comprehensive temperature range. In that case, you need to use the digital thermometer. If you don’t have the digital thermometer, then you can purchase the digital thermometer. The powder urine is safe and free from toxins so that you can perform your experiment without any issue.

Where To buy real powdered urine for the experiment?

If you need multiple powdered urine kits, then you can contact the Testclear official website. They also offer a 10% discount on the first order. In addition, TestClear has good support staff; they will solve all your doubts with the kit.

Place your order of powdered urine kit, use the Testclear coupon code at the time of checkout. You will get 10% off on your order. You can also check other products available on testclear.com. They offer a variety of products that you can use for your urine simulation experiment.

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