How To Keep Urine Warm : Electric urine warmer for drug test


No matter what kind of urine you use for the drug test, Real or synthetic? You must know how to keep pee warm for a drug test. If you decided to use synthetic urine for the upcoming drug test, then you should use the device like a electric urine warmer to keep the urine warm.

How to keep urine warm for drug test.

The donor urine sample should be within the correct urine temperature range; otherwise, your sample is considered manipulated. There are plenty of heating methods that comes into our mind, but we need to be very careful while choosing them. Some of the methods  that we discuss are the best way to keep urine warm for a drug test. Some of those methods are quick to implement, and some of them are slow. You should choose the method as per your requirement.

Electric urine warmer for drug test

How To Keep Pee Warm Hand Warmers.

Hand warmers are easily available in your nearby stores. Hand warmers are tiny, but it does a great job of warming the liquid. Some synthetic urine kits have hand warmers heating elements, so you don’t need to purchase them. Put a synthetic urine liquid in the hand warmers and shake it little to reach the temperature you want. Make sure the temperature strip is attached to the opposite side of hand warmers so that you will get a reliable temperature reading. You can use the rubber band to wrap the packet under your underwear or bra. Hand warmers are a little slow, and hand warmers take around 45 minutes to reach the urine at the correct temperature.

How to keep urine warm without hand warmers

 Microwave urine:

Is it OK to microwave urine for a drug test?

The microwave is the first device that comes to our mind when we need to heat something. However, you can’t heat urine directly in the microwave. There are some additional steps that you need to follow to keep the pee at the right temperature. I know many of you don’t like the idea of heating urine in the microwave. Don’t worry; you are not putting the real human urine in the microwave. You are putting a liquid that behaves likes real human urine, not actual urine, in the microwave.

How long to microwave pee for drug test.

Don’t place the urine sample in the microwave for more than 10seconds. If you put liquid for more than 10seconds, then it will overheat the sample. Instead, check the temperature of the sample using a temperature strip or thermometer.IF the heated urine is above the urine temperature range, you must keep it at room temperature until it reaches the correct temperature. IF the sample is below the urine temperature range, then you need to heat the sample again.
If you don’t have the microwave, don’t worry. Let’s move to the next method of urine heating.

Body heat:

How To keep Urine at body temperature.

Body heat is one of the easy ways to keep to warm the urine sample. Put the urine sample closes to your body. Ideally, it would be best to place the urine sample close to the hottest area of your body. Armpits and thighs are a great place to hide your urine sample. The body heat will keep the sample warm.
Anyone can use any one of these methods to keep the sample warm. So let me know what method you will use to keep the urine sample warm.

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